Interns’ Obligations

Interns must follow the instructions provided by the University of Macedonia Internship Office, contributing in this way to the proper operation of the Office.

Therefore, according to the printed instructions interns receive, they must (in brief):

  • Follow the schedules set by the Internship Office.
  • Join the informative event held before the beginning of the cycle.
  • Be informed about the Academic Supervisor they have been assigned to and communicate regularly with him/her.
  • Receive all necessary documents and return them completed according to instructions and schedules given by the Internship Office.
  • Take all necessary procedures (issue a Social Insurance Registration Number, open a bank account, etc.) according to the instructions of the Internship Office.
  • Notify the Internship Office and the Academic Supervisor in case of problems concerning the Internship, potential extension of the internship, etc.

Above all, interns must remember that they represent the University of Macedonia through their presence in the workplace.