Obligations of Host Entities

According to the Terms of Participation signed by all parties (the host entity, the student and the University), the host entity undertakes the obligation to:

  1. place the student in an internship position consistent with the one declared in the Internship Office upon expression of interest
  2. ensure workplace and assign tasks to interns at the very beginning of their internship
  3. complete, sign and send all required documents (Confirmation of the Initiation of the Internship, Terms of Participation, Evaluation Documents)to the Internship Office, in accordance with the instructions and timelines which have been given by the staff of the Office.
  4. determine the working hours up to 8, and the working days up to 5 (overtimes are not justified)
  5. delegate to a member of the entity the supervision of the student. The supervisor will be responsible for:
    • providing the intern with adequate information about his/her work area as well as the regulations of the entity
    • monitor and guide the intern properly, devoting the appropriate time, particularly in the early stages of his training
    • discuss and solve any problems that arise during the Internship, in cooperation with the Academic Supervisor of the Intern or the staff of the Internship Office
    • complete with sufficient evidence the corresponding evaluation form at the end of the Internship, which refers to the intern’s progress in relation to the tasks assigned to him/her, his/her responsibility, adaptability,  collaboration with other staff, development of initiatives and his/her  overall presence in the workplace.
  6. facilitate the students’  studies, allowing them to make use of 1 day leave for each full month of employment, or educational leave (up to 5 days) in the examination period or for other serious reasons, without changing the amount of their payment.

The number of interns occupied by the host entities is in any case proportional to their permanent staff.

Entities that do not comply with the terms of participation that they sign lose the right to participate in the University of Macedonia Internship Programme and the internship being implemented is immediately stopped.

Interns can stop their internship within the first ten days of its initiation if they are occupied in tasks that are completely different from those originally declared by the entity upon its expression of interest to the Internship Office.

The host entity can request replacement of the intern within the first 10 days of the initiation of the internship, only for serious reasons and after submitting a written request to the Internship Office of the University, justifying adequately the request.