Benefits for participants

Benefits for the interns:

  • Obtain a first job experience, relative to the field of study.
  • Smoother transition from the world of education into the area of production and business.
  • Effective assimilation of scientific knowledge through its application in real working conditions.
  • Information on labor market trends and skills needed.
  • Development of professional consciousness and responsibility in the workplace.
  • Enhance communication skills, cooperation, initiative
  • Familiarity with the work environment and its requirements, labor relations issues and remuneration.
  • Have a complete picture of the recruitment process (job interviews, CV preparation, etc.)
  • Possibility of being hired by the entity the internship was implemented in.

The host entities are able to take advantage of the interns’ current knowledge, skills and innovative ideas, without significant financial cost, while creating infrastructure for their future human resource needs. As the associated entities have themselves declared, “An internship is an opportunity for selecting future permanent executive staff ”.

The University, through the Internship Programme, enhances its cooperation with the labor market while highlighting the level of its graduates in the workplace. It also gets fed back with valuable information about the labor market needs and tendencies, in order to adapt the curriculums of the Departments. In any case, the establishment of communication between the University and the labor market offers additional tools to improve the employment opportunities for graduates.

It is important to note that the estimate, confidence and preference that the business world of Northern Greece has shown to the students of the University of Macedonia is continuously growing, fact that is proven by the constant renewal of the lists of the associated with the Internship Office entities and their interest in  occupying students subsidizing the Internship themselves.