General information

The University of Macedonia Internship Programme is addressed to students of the University who are upon graduation.

The practical training of students of all departments of the University is included in their curricula as optional, except for the Department of Education & Social Policy, in the curriculum of which the internship is included as compulsory for obtaining the degree.

The Internship through the NSRF Programme is conducted in cycles, the duration of which is 3 (three) or 4 (four) months, depending on the cycle, and is implemented in companies and broader public sector entities that are showing interest, in areas relevant to the fields of study of the Departments of the University1.

Students of all Departments can practice in Thessaloniki, where the University of Macedonia is located, in the cities of their origin, but also in any other region of Greece they wish.

The University of Macedonia undertakes the interns’ payment as well as their contributions for insurance against accident at work, under the implementation of the Operational Programme "Education and Lifelong Learning" 2007-2013 and the Project “Practice, University of Macedonia”. The host entities in each cycle are encouraged to co-finance, if they wish, the compensation of the intern, stating that in their expression of interest. These entities are being preferred, of course, by the students.

When there is no possibility of funding an internship through the NSRF Programme, however an entity wishes to employ students from the University to implement their practice, it may express its interest to the University Internship Office which then will post a notice. In this case, the funding of the internship is undertaken solely by the host entity, which deposits the compensation for the trainee as a donation to the University. The intern’s insurance (1% against accident at work) is covered by the University (the insurance contributions are deducted from the intern’s remuneration and are attributed to the Social Insurance Institution).

The duration of the internship can be between 2 (two) and 6 (six) months and may be extended upon request of the host entity, provided that the latter undertakes the intern’s payment and the total duration of the internship does not exceed a period of 6 (six) months.

1Information about the fields of study can be found on the official website of the University