Academic Supervisors’ responsibilities

At the beginning of the Internship, Academic Supervisors are informed by the University of Macedonia Internship Office for the contact details of the students they supervise and the host entity, as well as the pre-agreed with the host entity tasks that the intern will perform and the pre-agreed working hours.

During the internship, the Academic Supervisor must

  • closely monitor the student's Internship and be present upon his/her request,
  • communicate regularly with the intern and the host entity and be informed of the tasks the intern performs, the working conditions, the course of the internship and any problems that arise. If the supervisor wishes, he/she can visit the intern at his/her workplace in order to confirm all the aforementioned. If the student is employed outside Thessaloniki, travel expenses are covered by the Programme.
  • Should any problem be reported by either the student or the host entity, the Supervisor should take immediate action to solve it, in collaboration with the Scientifically Responsible Academic for the Department and the Internship Office.

At the end of the internship, the academic supervisor must

  • hold a meeting with the intern to discuss with him in detail the experience of the internship,
  • contact the host entity to get informed about the course of the student's internship,
  • complete in detail the Academic Supervisor’s Evaluation Form mentioning the exact tasks that the intern performed, their relevance to the agreed with the Internship Office tasks and the field of study, any initiatives undertaken by the intern, any achievements he/she made, as well as comments of the host entity ‘s representatives. Comments regarding the student’s satisfaction from his internship, any problems he/she encountered and the actions taken to solve them, are deemed necessary. Inadequate responses are rejected.

In any case, the evaluation form must reach the Internship Office no later than 15 days after the completion of the Internship. Otherwise, problems arise with the intern’s and the supervisor’s payments.